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Athlete Agent Spring Bootcamp

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Are you looking to break into the sports and entertainment industry but don't know where to get started?

Learn from the EAMG Fam and our experience cultivating brands, recruiting athletes and brand partners, and how to pitch value to potential clients. 


Week 1: How to get your first client / How to gain a network of professionals in your desired sport. Players: Minor Leagues (IFL, XFL, USFL, CFL, Overseas) Network of Pro’s: LinkedIn, How to pull NFL Email contacts, Signature Lines Phone #s

Week 2: How to use your client’s previous playing career to earn an opportunity. How to get your player’s film. How to draft an email to scouts. Stay persistent, Mail Meteor

Week 3: How to build a personal/agency brand

Week 4: How to curate an athletes brand

Week 5: How to connect with consumer brands for marketing opportunities /  How to create a pitch deck for brands and communicate value. Understand their target demographic. Understand the sphere of influence for your client. Communicate why it makes sense for the partnership using Instagram insights. Individualized ideas on how to create content for them. Make it easy. 

Week 6: Project Presentations: Create a branding deck and pitch to the panel as if we were a consumer brand looking for marketing. 

Week 7: How to Pass the NFLPA Agent Exam. 

Frequently tested topics:

  • Accrued v. Credited Seasons
  • Minimum salary
  • Calculate signing bonus proration
  • Calculate new agent fee
  • Minimum salary
  • ITL Neil Stratton Plug

Week 8: Q & A



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